Micro Stone
The Stone Fabric


Micro Stone has real stone texture, grain, colour and appearance in an incredibly thin veneer of between 0.7mm -1.0mm, weighs 900 -1100grams per m2 depending on which stone. Microstone offers a vast amount of opportunities because of its light weight and ultra flexibility.
Microstone can be used with wood glue and applied to various surfaces such as walls, ceilings, interiors, furniture, cabinet doors, kitchen units etc. No special tools are required on this product as a scissors or stanley knife are capable of cutting this very user friendly Stone-veneer.
Microstone should be single layer treated with sealer so as to avoid staining later.


100 % Natural Stone Surface
Thickness less than 1.00mm
Extremely flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces
Available in sizes up to 2800 x 1250 mm
Easy Transportaion
Easy Handling
Easy Installation
Eco Friendly


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