What is Stone-Veneer?

SmartStone suppliers of Richter Stone-Veneer " The Original" inventors of one of the most exciting innovations in the stone industry over the past few years. These light, flexible and ultra thin sheets of natural stone are the first real stone that a wood worker can process with his normal tools,without the need for specialised skills or equipment. This in turn opens up huge opportunities for the use of Stone Slate-Veneer in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The Natural Stone Veneers are split to a thickness of 0.1 - 2.0 mm from the stone slabs, sometimes weighing over 5 tons each, then using polyester resin and glass fibre on the backside to hold the structure together to create a tile with real stone texture and finish

Stone-Veneer can be applied over nearly any solid substrate including: wood, drywall, metal, concrete, plywood, Mdf, backed board,Fberglass, tile, cabinetry, and painted surfaces.
SmartStone are sole Irish distributors for all Richter Stone-Veneer products , if you are a Trade enquiry, Interior Design company or Tile installation company please contact us directly on info@smartstone.ie or the contact phone numbers below .



With over 30 years of experience in the Veneer industry Richter are the pioneers of Slate Stone -Veneer, developing an international brand over this time and supplying Stone Veneer worldwide. SmartStone are the sole distributors of this unique and Eco friendly product in Ireland and hold large stocks with 14 colours and textures to choose from with a next day delivery service throughout Ireland.

Slate Stone Veneer

A revolutionary new and most exciting surfacing product, created by chemically extracting raw material from actual quarried slate, quartzite and sandstone slabs into very thin layers of stone.

Microstone - The Stone Fabric

Micro Stone has Real stone texture, grain, colour and appearance in an incredibly thin veneer. Micro Stone brings amazing flexibility due to its fabric backing with real stone texture and profile.

Nano Stone - the thinnest stone in the world

Light as a feather and very flexible. It may be thermo-formed, three-dimensionally formed or wrapped and is suitable for post-forming applications with no problems. Its full potential has yet to be realised by designers as its so new to the market.


Translucent which can be backlit for stunning, colourful visual effects.The light weight and very flexible sheets allows light to pass through for unlimited design possibilities utilizing the natural texture , colour and beauty of the Slate stone-Veneer. Its amazing effect can transform Counters, Reception Desks, pillars, partitions and columns in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants etc.


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